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Ruby's Life With Stromme Syndrome. Ruby is an ALMOST 13-year-old girl with a rare genetic syndrome called Stromme Syndrome. It causes vision impairment, microcephaly, intestinal issues, slowed growth and developmental issues. As far as her mom Angie knows, there are less than 20 cases in the WORLD! Ruby is truly 1 in a millionor maybe a BILLION! This is gonna be fun, you ready? Yeah. I’m excited to be here with you. So rube is okay if I call you Ruby yeah. All right Ruby I’m joking Ruby right in front of us. There’s a camera and. 13/06/2017 · LAKEVILLE, Minnesota, June 13, 2017 LifeSiteNews — Ruby Ardolf is a 12-year-old with a rare genetic condition called Stromme syndrome that causes vision impairment, microcephaly, intestinal issues, slowed growth and developmental issues. There are only 12 cases in the world. Ruby.

Awareness, Acceptance, Inclusion & Love Hi and welcome! We are Angie and Ruby, a mother-daughter duo on a mission to make the world a more inclusive, accepting and loving place. Ruby is a 14-year old girl with a rare genetic condition called Stromme Syndrome, which causes vision impairment, microcephaly, intestinal. This is gonna be fun, you ready? Yeah. I’m excited to be here with you. So rube is okay if I call youRuby yeah. All right RubyI’m joking Ruby right in front of us. There’s a camera andPeople around the world can see you yeah, what do you want to tell them?Thank youDoes your mom. Thank you Does your mom love you, yeah When you meet someone for the first time, what do you want them to say to you hi That’s it Jane hi, just hi. Hey she just wants to be loved and accepted for who she is and I Just wish that The world could be more open to people like Ruby and her friends. What is something that makes you happy?

You guys have questions about Ruby and I’ve hopefully got answers for you! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Ruby: How old is Ruby? Ruby is 14 years old, with all the teenage sass to go along with it. What is Ruby’s diagnosis? Ruby has a rare genetic condition called Stromme Syndrome. She was d. Stromme syndrome: A primary ciliary dyskinesia that is characterized by autosomal recessive inheritance and ciliopathy with some type of intestinal atresia, variable ocular abnormalities, microcephaly, and has material basis in compound heterozygous mutation in the CENPF gene on chromosome 1q41. 13/12/2018 · Recently, a teacher from Fayetteville, NC reached out and asked if Ruby and I would answer some questions that her students had about us. This amazing teacher is using our videos as teaching tools in her classroom! The questions were really awesome, so I decided to share the answers not only with Ms. Jackson's class, but with all of.

29/12/2017 · Si chiama Ruby, è nata 13 anni fa già orfana di padre e affetta da una malattia rarissima a cui la mamma ha potuto dare un nome solo dopo la nascita di sua figlia e molte ricerche. La Sindrome di Stromme è questo il nome medico di quel mistero che ha avvolto l’attesa e primi anni di vita della. 18/03/2017 · Stromme syndrome is extremely rare autosomal-recessive condition characterized by intestinal, ocular and cranial anomalies. In 1993 Stromme et al reported two sisters with jejunal atresia, cranial and ocular anomalies.[1] In 2007, van Bever et al first proposed the name as Stromme syndrome for. Angie and Ruby merch is HERE! We are a mother-daughter duo advocating for disability inclusion and equality through social media and customized apparel, accessories, jewelry, home items and more. Every purchase benefits an organization serving individuals with a disability!

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